About EDM Hunters

As a fan of electronic music, I was frustrated having to search so many websites to find the information I was looking for. Specifically, I wanted to track my favourite artists, listen to their top and latest songs and watch their videos. I wanted to listen to my favourite songs from a variety of electronic music genres, stream playlists for my crazy house parties or when I was just out chilling on my own, watch the aftermovies of all my favourite festivals and get to know more about them. I wanted to visit one website for all of my electronic music informational needs. EDM Hunters was created to fill this void. So, make yourself at home while enjoying countless amazing musicians from a variety of genres and let the sick sounds fill your ears!

EDM Hunters believes that the best judge of an artist are the fans itself. I believe that the community is the best source for discovering great music and I think that algorithms and experts only solve part of the problem when it comes to supporting new and undiscovered talent. That's why on EDM Hunters it's you, the fans who decide what are an artists top songs. You can like one song a day on any list and we organise all of this information so fans can easily search for, track, and share it.

Each user group's needs and requirements were analysed and evaluated during the development process. I pride myself on having created a fast, well organised, easy to navigate website that fully satisfies these needs. Still got questions? Check out our frequenly asked questions. If you need to contact us, please fill out the contact form.

The Story

EDM Hunters is currently developed and run solely by me, Jaskaran Rana. Being extremely passionate about electronic dance music and coding, I started building EDM Hunters back in 2014, a website with the aim of helping both new and seasoned listeners of the genre to help them discover the best and latest of electronic music. The entire story about how the website came into existence has been graciously covered by YourStory. If you have any recommendations, requests, insights or just want to talk about music, don't feel shy and drop me a message using the contact form. I read and reply to each and every email sent to me.

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