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Being a huge fan of electronic music, EDM Hunters was built for dance music enthusiasts like me to get their daily fix of electronic music. What started back in college as a passion project in 2014, now receives the love of over 1 million users every month. EDM Hunters is currently still being developed and run solely by me. It was built with the aim of helping both new and seasoned listeners of the genre to discover the best and latest of electronic music. So, make yourself at home while enjoying countless amazing musicians from a variety of genres and let the sick sounds fill your ears!

I believe that the best judge of an artist are the fans itself and the community is the best source for discovering great music. The algorithms and experts only solve part of the problem when it comes to supporting new and undiscovered talent. That's why on EDM Hunters it's you, the fans who decide what are an artists top songs. You can like one song a day on any list and we organise all of this information so fans can easily search for, track, and listen to their favourite hits.

Still got questions? Check out our frequenly asked questions. If you have any recommendations, requests, insights or just want to talk about music, don't feel shy and drop me a message using the contact form. I read and reply to each and every email sent to me.

I've recently also started a new website where you can discover the best of Indian nighlife ranging from various music events, gigs, festivals, concerts all across India. Check out GigHub

- Jaskaran Rana

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